Making deals with satan

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Stay Tuned is a strange, dark comedy full of meta-pop culture references that tries to imagine the answer. For a film released in , Stay Tuned feels extremely relevant today, when trying to keep up with the amount of content on offer is enough to cause anxiety attacks without the help of Beelzebub.

When their baby goes missing, they succumb to true Satanic panic, convinced the fault lies with the devil or one of his female followers. Divorce, death and desertion have left Cher , Michelle Pfeiffer and Susan Sarandon without husbands in a religious town that does not tolerate unmarried somethings in Witches of Eastwick. Getting witchy one night, the women pray for the perfect man, and thank the dark lord, in blows their savior, Daryl Van Horne Jack Nicholson. Surely the winning strategy of the Patriots, Damn Yankees —the Warner Brothers feature based on a Broadway musical—tells a truly timeless story: an aging fan makes a deal with a conman so his guys can win the pennant back from the titular baseball team.

Can even the devil tempt Adolf Hitler into being a little nicer? Bombs are placed under pillows, life insurance policies are taken out, and eventually, Satan convinces Hitler to pardon just one person, allowing him to keep his job. On arrival in Hell, Adolf gets the personal touch from his old employee. The O. Richard Burton directed himself for the filmed stage production as a 16th-century scholar who trades his immortal soul for 24 years of hedonism and pleasure.

Sell your soul to satan at the Devil's Crossroads

After you die, at what lengths would you go to get back to Earth? In Spawn , based off the Todd McFarlane comics, in exchange for leading the army of darkness to Armageddon, former black ops agent Al Simmons Michael Jai White gets to return to Earth, where he immediately defects to fight for the good guys. Not even Satan himself would be as baroque as to demand that the actor eat live maggots on set, but Leguizamo absolutely did that anyway.

During a battle of the bands at the local bar, the duo fight over the pic, breaking it in half and revealing the bar owner to be Satan himself Dave Grohl.

Sometimes Satan is too busy to handle every request, which is when a giant, blood-thirsty Venus flytrap from outer space can come in handy. Krelborn falls under the spell of his strange and unusual talking plant Audrey II, named after his co-worker and crush Ellen Greene. Audrey II convinces Seymour to feed him more and more people—almost cannibalizing its namesake—before the schmuck hacks it to pieces. There are two versions of Bedazzled , a story about a young loser who trades his soul to the devil in exchange for seven wishes. Stanley makes his seventh wish inadvertently and the Devil wins fair and square.

Like Constantine and Spawn , Ghost Rider is yet a third comic book movie adaptation about a cynical antihero doomed to help bring about the Apocalypse after selling his soul. If kinky torture is your thing, beware the Cenobites of Hellraiser. This makes total sense, as the franchise concerns a race of demons who promise carnal pleasures in the form of extreme sadomasochistic torture.

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Pinhead and the gang are introduced via a puzzle box, that, once solved, allow you to enter a realm where the Cenobites will spend eternity flaying you alive. Who would even want this? This version also features a cameo from a very young Jack Nicholson making some bold vocal choices. When smarmy, art collecting Robert Englund accidentally releases an evil Djinn in 90s Los Angeles, it goes on a spree, collecting human souls in a quest for world domination. Want to be beautiful forever?

The devil is in the details, after all. Well, buckle up, because The Transformers: The Movie found a way to make Faustian bargains more than meets the eye. The space robot equivalent of Satan known as Unicron Orson Welles in his final role , is a sentient, cannibalizing cyber-planet that pulls a fast one on a defeated Megatron. He offers to resurrect the dying Decepticon commander in a new, more powerful body, in exchange for tracking down a special crystal matrix.

Megatron wakes up in the new and improved form of Galvatron, and goes off to destroy all the Autobots like he was planning to do in the first place.

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Ultimately, Galvatron and Unicron are defeated and while the Autobots celebrate, we pan out to see the decapitated head of Unicron orbiting the stars. Because Lucifer is judge and his own advocate, and he stuffs the jury with pro-damnation demons. If you insist on being a stick in the mud about the whole thing, you could request an exorcism. These services are increasingly rare as the religious reject the idea of demonic possession, but there are still some solid exorcists out there.

With the exception of Eve, Satan has never been great with girls. The infamous Dr. Robert Johnson is perhaps the most famous and one of the most important blues musicians to ever live. He also reportedly sold his soul for mastery of guitar, at midnight, at lonely crossroads in Dockery Mississippi. There are plenty of skeptics and naysayers out there, and some who say the story was actually about Tommy Johnson.

Worshippers summon the Devil in Blood-soaked satanic 'Black Mass' ritual

Still, we gotta believe it because, just listen to him go man:. Paganini was the most talented violinist of his time — , and one of the best the world has ever seen. He was also almost certainly in league with Satan. He had unnaturally long fingers and dexterity, was rather sickly and pale, wore all black, and played the violin like a man literally possessed.

And although he was a flagrant womanizer and party boy, he captured the affections of all of Europe before his demise. When it was time for him to go, he rejected his last rites, confirming in the eyes of many, not least of all the church, that he made a deal with the Devil for his celebrity and skill. Faust is actually two people — one historical and the other legend. The legend is the guy everyone thinks of when they hear Faust, largely due to the play by Goethe.

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Faust is a dissatisfied scholar who ends up summoning Mephistopheles to gain knowledge and stimulus. The real Faust Johann Georg, that is might be even more interesting. He apparently lived during the German Renaissance and was an educated doctor, alchemist, and astrologer. It also seems he also had a penchant for bragging and scamming people, and eventually ran afoul of the church. As churchy types are prone to do, they accused him of being in league with the Devil and having a dog that would turn into his servant. Theophilus was a clergyman in Adana, Cilicia, now Southern Turkey.

He was the Archdeacon and was unanimously elected as Bishop, but turned it down because he was trying to show how humble he was. Well, everyone voted on another guy, who turned around and stripped Theo of his position as Archdeacon.

He prayed to the Virgin Mary for forgiveness, and after 40 days of fasting she showed up, yelled at him, and told him to fast some more. She ended up getting him pardoned and Satan returned the blood-written contract. Theo took it to the bishop, who burned it, and Theophilus was so happy he keeled over and kicked the bucket right there, getting to go to heaven instead of spending an eternity in damnation. In the Revolutionary War he led troops in the Battle of Saratoga and was promoted to Brigadier General by George Washington himself, who was impressed with his prowess on the battlefield.

Even more interesting, however, was how Moulton tricked Old Scratch into filling his boots with gold once a month in exchange for his soul. At his funeral a pallbearer is said to have opened his coffin, only to find a box of gold coins with a picture of Satan on each one. To this day, no one knows where his true grave lies.

Your views on the Devil are obviously going to be influenced by your religious affiliation.

Still, your interpretation of how to go about selling your soul may depend on your religious background, so here is some further information to help lubricate the process. When Allah created Adam, the Lord demanded all should bow to the first man. Iblis refused to kneel, thus incurring the wrath of Allah. The Devil is further called Shaytan same root as Satan , but this can refer to anyone being evilly deceptive or filled with hubris. For further information we recommend consulting your local Imam or perhaps a specialist in Sharia law. The Devil in Judaism is a little trickier to pin down.

Historically, the religion spoke of a range of imps and demons, but those are mostly attributed to old wives tales these days. Feel free to try out our methods and let us know how it goes, but unfortunately for the Chosen People, we cannot guarantee results. Hinduism also has Naraka, with some traditions having as many as 28 separate levels. There is no central Satan figure in either Buddhism or Hinduism, but different branches have different spirits and demons or even deities that play similar roles in terms of temptation and soul-consuming.

making deals with satan Making deals with satan
making deals with satan Making deals with satan
making deals with satan Making deals with satan
making deals with satan Making deals with satan
making deals with satan Making deals with satan
making deals with satan Making deals with satan
making deals with satan Making deals with satan

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