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There are currently a number of tests included in the standard that are required to qualify a material as IHE, however, none of the tests directly evaluate for the transition from burning to detonation aka deflagration-to-detonation transition, DDT. One of these new tests is the Deflagration-to-Detonation Test.

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Inherent in this test design is the assumption that ignition does occur, with onset of deflagration. The test design will incorporate large margins and replicates to account for the stochastic nature of DDT events. The work described in this report is intended as a preliminary investigation to support the proposed design of an overly conservative, easily fielded DDT test for updated IHE Material Qualification standard.

Specifically, we evaluated the aspects of confinement, geometry, material morphology and temperature. We also developed and tested a. Engineering robust adhesion of the junction-box j-box is a hurdle typically encountered by photovoltaic PV module manufacturers during product development.

There are historical incidences of adverse effects e. The addition of a weight to the j-box during the 'damp heat' IEC qualification test is proposed to verify the basic robustness of its adhesion system. The details of the proposed test will be described, in addition to the preliminary results obtained using representative materials and components.

Some systems did not remain attached through the discovery experiments. The results are discussed in the context of the application requirements, in addition to the plan for the formal experiment supporting the proposed modification to the qualification test. Qualification testing of solar photovoltaic powered refrigerator freezers for medical use in remote geographic locations. One of the primary obstacles to the application of vaccination in developing countries is the lack of refrigerated storage. Vaccines exposed to elevated temperatures suffer a permanent loss of potency.

Qualification testing consisted of four major procedures: no-load pull down, ice making, steady-state maintenance , and holdover. However, the testing performed does not provide complete characterization of the two units; such information could be derived only from further extensive test procedures.

In high energy particle physics, accelerator- and detector-upgrades always go hand in hand. In order to cope with such luminosities, the pixel detector of the CMS experiment has been replaced early The so-called CMS Pixel phase 1 upgrade detector consists of modules with new design. An important production step is the module qualification and calibration, ensuring their proper functionality within the detector. This paper summarizes the qualification and calibration tests and results of modules used in the innermost two detector layers with focus on methods using module-internal calibration signals.

Extended characterizations on pixel level such as electronic noise and bump bond connectivity, optimization of operational parameters, sensor quality and thermal stress resistance were performed using a customized setup with controlled environment. It could be shown that the selected modules have on average 0. Basophil activation test BAT assesses the expression of activation markers of these cells, eg. CD63 and CDc after stimulation. The study included 30 patients with allergic rhinitis AR caused by allergy to house dust mite Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, Dp or birch pollen qualified for SIT.

The group of patients with allergy to birch was a control group for Dp allergic and vice versa. BAT results were expressed as a stimulation index SI. These results are part of a screening test that investigates three grout formulations proposed for wide-range treatment of different waste stream compositions expected for the Hanford Effluent Management Facility EMF evaporator bottom waste. This work supports the technical development need for alternative disposition paths for the EMF evaporator bottom wastes and future direct feed low-activity waste DFLAW operations at the Hanford Site.

The work contained within this report relates to waste form development and testing , and does not directly support the Integrated Disposal Facility IDF performance assessment PA. However, this work contains valuable information for use in PA maintenance past FY and future waste form development efforts. The provided results and data should be used by 1 cementitious waste form scientists to further the understanding of cementitious leach behavior of contaminants of concern COCs , 2 decision makers interested in off-site waste form disposal, and 3 the U.

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The results reported help fill existing data gaps, support final selection of a cementitious waste form for the EMF evaporator bottom waste, and improve the technical defensibility of long-term waste form risk estimates. This document is a notional technology implementation plan TIP for the development, testing , and qualification of a prototypic fuel element to support design and construction of a nuclear thermal propulsion NTP engine, specifically its pre-flight ground test.

This TIP outlines a generic methodology for the progression from non-nuclear out-of-pile OOP testing through nuclear in-pile IP testing , at operational temperatures, flows, and specific powers, of an NTP fuel element in an existing test reactor. Subsequent post-irradiation examination PIE will occur in existing radiological facilities.

The goals of OOP and IP testing are to provide confidence in the operational performance of fuel system concepts and provide data to program leadership for system optimization and fuel down-selection. The test methodology, parameters, collected data, and analytical results from OOP, IP, and PIE will be documented for reference by the NTP operator and the appropriate regulatory and oversight authorities.

Final full-scale integrated testing would be performed separately by the reactor operator as part of the preflight ground test. Environmental qualification testing of payload G, the Pool Boiling Experiment. This paper describes the purpose of the experiment and the environmental qualification testing program that was used to prove the integrity of the hardware. The system level hot and cold soak tests demonstrated the hardware's capability to operate over a wide range of temperatures and gave wider latitude in determining which shuttle thermal attitudes were compatible with the experiment.

A unique environmental chamber was designed and fabricated by the PBE team and allowed most of the environmental testing to be performed within the hardware build laboratory. Dark matter and dark energy mysteries will be explored by the Euclid ESA M-class space mission which will be launched in Millions of galaxies will be surveyed through visible imagery and NIR imagery and spectroscopy in order to map in three dimensions the Universe at different evolution stages over the past 10 billion years.

In this paper, we present the verification philosophy applied to test and validate each grism before the delivery to the project.

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The test sequence covers a large set of verifications: optical tests to validate efficiency and WFE of the component, mechanical tests to validate the robustness to vibration, thermal tests to validate its behavior in cryogenic environment and a complete metrology of the assembled component. Engineering robust adhesion of the junction-box j-box is a hurdle typically encountered by photovoltaic PV module manufacturers during product development and manufacturing process control.

The addition of a weight to the j-box during the 'damp-heat', 'thermal-cycle', or 'creep' tests within the IEC qualification protocol is proposed to verify the basic robustness of the adhesion system. The details of the proposed test are described, in addition to a trial run of the test procedure. For the purpose of validating the experiment, j-boxes were adhered to a substrate, loaded with a prescribed weight, and then subjected to aging.

The design concept of the open flap manufactured by MT AEROSPACE is a fully integral manufactured, four sided control surface, with an additional stiffening rib and flanges to meet the first eigenfrequency and the allowable deformation requirement with a minimum necessary mass. The objectives were to reproduce equivalent loading at test article level in terms of pulse duration, front pressure, front velocity and acoustic emission.

The Thales Alenia Space ETCA pyrotechnic shock test device is usually used to produce high level shocks by performing a shock on a test fixture supporting the unit under test. In this case, the facility has been used to produce a shock wave, with different requested physical characteristics, directed to the unit under test.

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Different configurations have been tried on a dummy of the unit to test , following an empirical process. This unusual work has lead to the definition of a nominal set- up meeting the requested physical parameters. Two blast sensors have been placed to acquire the pressure around the flap. The distance between the two sensors has allowed estimating the front pressure velocity.

drsugataray.com/2971-the-best.php Then, several locations have been selected to acquire the acceleration responses on the unit when it was submitted to this environment. The qualification of the flap, in regards of shock environment, has been successfully conducted. Design, fabrication, test , and qualification and price analysis of third generation design solar cell modules. The Block 4 shingle type module makes it possible to apply a photovoltaic array to the sloping roof of a residential building by simply nailing the overlapping hexagon shaped shingles to the plywood roof sheathing.

The solar cells are individually bonded to the embossed underside of a 4. An experimental silicone pottant was used as the transparent bonding adhesive between the cells and glass. The semi-flexible portion of each shingle module is a composite laminate construction consisting of an outer layer of FLEXSEAL bonded to an inner core of closed cell polyethylene foam.

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Silaprene is used as the substrate laminating adhesive. The cryocoolers will be mounted to the AMS vacuum case using a structure that will thermally and mechanically decouple the cryocooler from the vacuum case while providing compliance to allow force attenuation using a passive balancer system. The cryocooler drive is implemented using a 60Hz pulse duration modulated square wave. Details of the testing program, mounting assembly and drive scheme will be presented. AMS is a state-of-the-art particle physics detector containing a large superfluid helium-cooled superconducting magnet.

Highly sensitive detector plates inside the magnet measure a particle s speed, momentum, charge, and path. The AMS experiment, which will be flown as an attached payload on the International Space Station, will study the properties and origin of cosmic particles and nuclei including antimatter and dark matter. Qualification testing of the engineering model cryocooler bracket assembly is near completion.

Delivery of the flight cryocoolers to Goddard is scheduled for September The JHMCS includes a flight helmet with display optics, miniature cathode ray tube, magnetic receiver unit, miniature camera, automatic brightness control sensor, and microcontroller. The test objective, success criteria, equipment configuration, and data collection requirements for each test is discussed. Recent observation of fatigue cracks on the CT shoes led to a comprehensive engineering, structural and metallurgical evaluation to assess the root cause that necessitated procurement of over new shoes.

This paper documents the completed dynamic and compression tests on the old and new shoes respectively, so as to certify them for Space Shuttle's return-to-flight RTF. Additionally, finite element analysis FEA was used to conduct sensitivity analyses of various contact parameters and structural characteristics for acceptance of new shoes. This viewgraph presentation shows results of analyses on odor, toxic off gassing and gas standards.

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Response measurement by laser Doppler vibrometry in vibration qualification tests with non-Gaussian random excitation. In the field of vibration qualification testing , random excitations are typically imposed on the tested system in terms of a power spectral density PSD profile. This is the one of the most popular ways to control the shaker or slip table for durability tests. However, these excitations and the corresponding system responses exhibit a Gaussian probability distribution, whereas not all real-life excitations are Gaussian, causing the response to be also non-Gaussian.

In order to introduce non-Gaussian peaks, a further parameter, i. However, depending on the specimen behaviour and input signal characteristics, the use of non-Gaussian excitations with high kurtosis and a given PSD does not automatically imply a non-Gaussian stress response. For an experimental investigation of these coupled features, suitable measurement methods need to be developed in order to estimate the stress amplitude response at critical failure locations and consequently evaluate the input signals most representative for real-life, non-Gaussian excitations.

In this paper, a simple test rig with a notched cantilevered specimen was developed to measure the response and examine the kurtosis values in the case of stationary Gaussian, stationary non-Gaussian, and burst non-Gaussian excitation signals. The laser Doppler vibrometry technique was used in this type of test for the first time, in order to estimate the specimen stress amplitude response as proportional to the differential displacement measured at the notch section ends.

A method based on the use of measurements using accelerometers to correct for the occasional signal dropouts occurring during the experiment is described. The results demonstrate the ability of the test procedure to evaluate the output signal features and therefore to select the most appropriate input signal for the fatigue test.

This test report describes the special form testing activities performed on the two ZiPCans. One prototype test unit was subjected to the tests stipulated by 10 CFR The other test unit was subjected to a leak rate test as specified in Each test unit was leak tested before and after these respective tests. The determined standardized leak rates from the test and calculation for both test units met the requirements for special form certification.

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