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It was the first world war that ultimately aligned political forces behind the dairy business.

In Britain, rationing meant food was limited, and child malnutrition was rife. Thanks to government price controls, milk was one thing not in short supply. Milk became the original superfood: a boundless source of calcium, protein and vitamins. More recently, in the US, the Got Milk? The message was clear: if you wanted your children to grow up big and strong, they needed to be drinking milk. And yet, for many consumers, the allure of milk is on the wane. In , the average American consumed pounds around litres of milk per year; in , it was just pounds 66 litres.

But none of these presented an existential threat. Blanket marketing established the connection between milk and wholesomeness and good nutrition. Now new forms of persuasion, more targeted and pervasive, have stripped away that healthy sheen from dairy. The internet has given animal rights activists new reach. Netflix, too, has provided previously untapped audiences for documentaries like Cowspiracy and What the Health. Besides the ill-treatment of animals, evidence has mounted that the dairy industry is catastrophic for the environment.

Animal agriculture contributes more greenhouse gases than aviation, shipping and road vehicles combined. One recent study led by Oxford University claimed that observing a vegetarian or vegan diet is the single most effective way to reduce your own environmental footprint. Plant milks received a boost from their association with clean eating, a craze that has also had the effect of linking dairy with negative health issues.

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Its proponents blamed lactose intolerance as the cause of a range of ailments, including acne, eczema, lethargy, joint pain and a variety of digestive issues. And, as the clean eaters warned their readers off dairy, they sent them into the willing arms of plant milk startups. A steady supply of attractive millennial influencers filled their Instagram feeds with appetising shots of peanut-milk Thai curries and gluten-free beetroot bread.

According to industry analysts, one of the keys to the plant-based trend is that it looks appetising on Instagram. The clean eaters did what years of vegan campaigning never could. It was part of living your best and most beautiful life. T he notion of milking plants is not new. In China, soya milk has been made since at least the 14th century, most commonly as a step in making tofu. The earliest written mention of almond milk appears in a Baghdadi cookbook from , the Kitab al-Tabikh.

In the west, until recently, almond and soya milk remained relatively unknown, except by vegetarians and the odd eccentric Henry Ford, of the car company, was an early soya evangelist. In , the Plantmilk Society was established in London by Leslie Cross, then vice-president of the British Vegan Society, a nascent group of animal rights activists.

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Cross, who particularly objected to the cruelty of the dairy industry, set about trying to find a dairy replacement using crops that could be grown in Britain. Photos from the time show the smiling pioneers in white lab coats examining many glasses of questionable opaque liquids. Eventually, they settled on the soya bean. In , a young Belgian food tech named Philippe Vandemoortele decided to use a new packing technology, the sterile Tetra Brik, to sell soya milk. He called his soya milk Alpro. Reviews were mixed.

The local supermarket refused to stock it. At the same time, Silk, Alpro and others jumped on emerging evidence about the link between high cholesterol and heart disease to market themselves as a healthy alternative. All of a sudden, soya was for everyone. Even modern soya milks, which add sugar, thickeners and other additives to imitate dairy milk, have a beany taste and odour.

In the early s, soya had its own health scare. Clinical studies have consistently shown those fears are overstated. In , the Blue Diamond Growers, a large cooperative of almond farmers in California, sensed an opportunity. Supermarkets maintain a tight grip on shelf space, charging high fees to stock a new product. Lucrative, high-traffic displays like the refrigerated case are fiercely competitive.

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Be sure to use a calculator to figure out the price per ounce, and choose the most affordable option. With that said, you can definitely get some good deals on meat if you look for them! Also, be sure to compare the price in the packages versus the price at the meat counter. Eggs are a perfect example of this. We may think this looks like happy chickens, roaming on some grassy acreage eating bugs and grass. This article offers a good explanation and great images to illustrate.

Sprouts Market has mobile coupons that usually line-up with their Deals of the Month more on that below.

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I quit clipping coupons a few years ago because it was very time-consuming, but it only takes a minute or two to go through the Sprouts coupons and click on the ones that I want. Plus the value of the Sprouts mobile coupons tend to be a lot higher than traditional coupons. Checkout Challenges work similarly to the bonus rebates for Ibotta , where you get something for free if you buy so many of a similar item or brand.

Big brands work with big stores in order to market their products at a certain time, and this includes strategically timed sales, coupons and rebates — including Ibotta! As I write this post, Silk dairy-free milk is on sale. Join my team HERE.

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To really rack up the savings, be sure to stack these items with Sprouts mobile coupons, Checkout Challenges and rebate apps like Ibotta! Another example is Sprouts Grass-fed Ghee.

I say maybe here because in my opinion, wine is overpriced at Sprouts. My Sprouts Farmers Market has a rack of clearance items in the hallway that leads to the bathroom. These sales are usually Friday through Sunday, and you can easily rack up the savings. Sprouts offers rain checks that never expire! I have not used these at Sprouts before but I have at other stores. I use my price book to watch for my most common items to be at their lowest price.

If the item I need is out of stock when the price is lowest, I ask for a raincheck. Typically the store will sell it to me at the sale price when it comes back in stock. This is perfect for stockpiling my most used goods! Learn more about stockpiling in Grocery Budget Bootcamp. This is one of the best ways to save big on food! Sprouts is my go-to grocery store in my area. You do have to watch it, but generally their produce and meat prices are unbeatable when I compare them to other grocery stores in my area.

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The Sprouts sausage links from the meat counter are regularly marked down to 1. I love having sausage links on hand for the same reasons! My favorite is to add them to my veggie egg scramble for breakfast — YUM!

We like Sprouts for fresh produce…I go there first and shop sales, then go to some stores that have better prices in general. The quality of their berries, for example, and the low sale prices are worth stocking up and freezing.

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